Journey 80/20 – Earn Money Online

Journey 80/20 is a digital marketing course focused on effective strategies for making money on the internet, selling as an affiliate in a 100% automated way. The central idea is to maximize the result with as little effort as possible! The course is made up of comprehensive and practical content, covering everything from the basics of affiliate marketing to advanced automation strategies.

COURSE SUMMARY FOR STUDENTS: During the course you will learn to sell digital products as an affiliate and automatically, without having to appear and without having to generate content on social networks. Within the course we teach you to sell organically, without having to invest money, we also teach you to sell by investing in sponsored ads, ads for Whatsapp with an automation tool and ads directly to the sales page. But the main focus of the course is on the sponsored advertising strategy directly to the sales page, bringing sales automatically. There are 14 modules with more than 70 classes, theoretical and practical classes shown on the screen so you can understand everything clearly. You will also have access to the bonuses we provide within the course with extra tips and tools to help you with sales.

You can earn commissions online:

Without showing up!
Without creating content!
Without having followers!
And best of all, automatically!

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